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Vlatka Varga

I come to my painting in a circuitous way. My early work focused on jewelry in gold, silver and copper, followed by enameling as well as raising and electroforming of small vessel forms. Longing to work on a larger scale I started to explore new media, particularly painting. Inspired by form and color, I discovered that encaustic, oil/cold wax and acrylic allowed for more spontaneous and expressive exploration of these. Working on hard wooden panel, I apply layers of paint and cold wax medium, incise or build up lines and imprint various objects to experience and create a sense of dimension and texture. Using charcoal, India Ink brush pens, sticks, spatulas, squeegees, rollers and other tools I develop my mixed media works. I find that each medium lends itself to a particular kind of expression and style. My oil/cold wax pieces tend to be fields of color and texture and are often geometric, while acrylics lend themselves to free gestural work, with repetitive patterns and play of transparent and opaque colors. Abstract, figurative and landscape works are informed by history, memory, and process. I am influenced by the context within which I live and work, especially by nature, its beauty, mystery and presence.

Vlatka Varga lives in Grass Valley, CA.

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